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I know its a bit late but Slow poke Check out my video first time playing it :P

I got version 1.02 win to work with the Vive using LibreVR and the Revive Injector:

Just follow the instructions with the Revive Injector, and put the DLL files and the EXE into the same directory as Sploot.exe, and then drag Sploot.exe onto the ReviveInjector exe (either x86 or x64), and it will work. You will probably have to hit escape and recalibrate the view before playing.

I love this game! You should make a Steam VR version that has high score tracking and multiplayer!

Thank you very much for the Vive instructions and the feedback! Steam VR integration is an excellent idea. I'll do that for v1.03. My Vive just shipped, so I'll test it and make any adjustments as needed.

I know it's been quite a while since you posted this, but I just released a new version that has Vive support.

Sweet! I'll make sure I try it out! Thanks!

Holy crap this was fun to play! And yes, I'm aware I made an unintentional pun about the subject of the game o-o I'M STICKING WITH IT!

I made a Let's Play of it as well :) I hope it brings some attention your way, Edge!

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Hi Eliyah!

Just released a Let's Play of this game over at my YouTube channel! :)

Hope you like it! I liked it!

Stay Rad


Yeah, Brilliant. Exactly what I hoped and more.

Keep workin' hard and you'll be huge.

gg, GG.